Gagak with Agak in the background

Agak and Gagak
are inhuman twin sorcerers from outside the Multiverse. The brother and sister are shapeshifters but seem to prefer a form like that of giant, techno-organic building-like structures. Agak and Gagak each have a single, giant, gem-like structures on their tops, which serves as a compound eye and also contains an "intelligence pool", their analogue to a brain.

Agak and Gagak attempted to consume the Multiverse by invading Tanelorn and plugging into the energy of every Universe at once. Agak and Gagak were slain by Elric, Corum, Erekosë, and Hawkmoon, who, due to their shared nature as aspects of the Eternal Champion, were able to fuse into The Four who are One in order to destroy the twin sorcerers.


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