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The Chronarch's World
is one of the many universes in the Multiverse. It is the world in which both the Scar-Faced Brooder and Urlik Skarsol lived.

This world is characterized by brown skies, a small, dim, red dwarf sun, extreme cold and giant glacial ice-plains, and seas so thick with salt that they are viscous and can be crossed by skiff or sled-like vessels.

Animals of this world, which is subjectively in the future, are hyper-evolved for the cold and the salt-seas. Major life-forms include Seal Beasts, Sea Stags, Giant Herons, and Oozers.

The Moon has crashed into the planet as well. It exists as a half-buried mountian in the southern hemisphere, still inhabited by the Silver Warriors who hollowed it out to build their cities.

The ultimate fate of this world was decided by Urlik Skarsol, the Eternal Champion, who slew the Queen of the Silver Warriors with the Cold Sword to resurrect the dead sun.

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