Corum Jhaelen Irsei (
the Prince in the Scarlet Robe), also known as Corum Llaw Ereint (Corum of the Silver Hand) is one of the last of the Vadhagh and an incarnation of the Eternal Champion.

After living a life of leisure and study, he was suddenly thrust into bloodshed and sorrow when he returned from a trip abroad to find that the Mabden chieftain Glandyth a Krae had slaughtered his entire family. Glandyth and his men captured and tortured Corum with the intent to kill him. He escaped by using his natural powers as a Vadhagh, and began a quest for revenge against the Mabden and their creator gods, the Sword Rulers.

During his torture, Corum's left hand was amputated and his right eye was put out. As a replacement, he was given the Hand of Kwll and the Eye of Rhynn by the sorcerer Shool.


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