A Golden Battle Barge attacking Young Kingdoms ships

The Golden Battle Barges
comprise the naval forces of Melniboné.

They are described as enormously huge, with tiered decks and armoured with plates of solid gold, making them resemble floating golden ziggurats. They are equipped with catapaults which launch flaming balls of viscous fuel at their enemies. The stuff of these fireballs will continue to burn even in contact with water, and will sink into the sea still burning. 

The Barges are powered by hundreds of Human slaves, who are fed a drug that increases their strength and endurance before eventually killing them. Elric often sails upon Melniboné's flagship, The Son of the Pyaray.

References in Pop CultureEdit

The Gwar song Where is Zog? contains the lyrics "Spewing death and hatred from a Golden Battle Barge."


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