String theory 11322
The Grey Fees
is the pseudo-centre of the Multiverse. The Grey Fees, often referred to as the DNA of the Multiverse, is composed of the fundamental matter of the Mutliverse, inchoate and yet-unformed. The thoughts, emotions and desires of the mortal and immortal souls in the Multiverse sculpt the Grey Fees into concrete shapes, thus bringing Law out of Chaos. The Fees are described as being formed of misty tendrils of archetypal matter hanging in the centre of the Second Ether.


The Grey Fees are remarkably similar in concept and description to the strings of String Theory, which describes cosmic "strings", immensely smaller than subatomic particles, which vibrate to give the universe its form. In String Theory, the "strings" are the fundamental core of reality, from which all matter, energy and natural law springs.


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