The Needle Gun, often called the Needler, is Jerry Cornelius' signature weapon. It is small and sleek, utilizing pressurized gas to fire tiny poisoned needles. The Needle Gun is a manifestation of the Black Sword.

There are only two Neelde Guns, coresponding with Stormbringer and Mournblade. The twin to Jerry's Needle Gun is carried by his brother Frank Cornelius. The guns were made by Doctor Cornelius, the father of Frank and Jerry.

In the film version of The Final Programme, the Needle Gun is made of transparent plexiglass and it's internal workings are visible. It is considered one of the most interesting props in the film.

The Needle Gun fires in bursts and needs to be reprimed after every volley. In the film however, it only fires a single needle at a time.

Jerry eventually replaces his Needle Gun with the Vibragun.


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