Una Persson
, also known as Countess Una of Scaith, is an Eternal, a player in the Game of Time, and a member of the League of Metatemporal Adventurers. She is bisexual, having been the lover of Queen Gloriana of Albion, both Catherine and Jerry Cornelius, and many others, and is an associate of Michael Moorcock within his fiction.

Una Persson is tall, with a slim "boyish" figure, with dark hair cut short in a pageboy haircut (but not always). She often wears military garb.

Oona von BekEdit

Oonagh von Bek, the adopted grandaughter of Oona and Ulric von Bek, stated:

"I know most of it's true, because I heard the parts I didn't experience myself from Una Persson, as she calls herself now, that mysterious adventuress who spends so much of her time in eastern Europe and never seems to age." -The White Wolf's Son

This suggests that Una Persson may in fact be Oona the Dream Theif's Daughter in disguise.


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