The Veteran's Meeting, also called the Reunion Party, was a mass gathering of Eternals and manifestations of the Eternal Champion. The guest list reads as follows:

Mr J Daker, Mr J. Tallow, Mr E. de Marylebone, Mr Renark, Mr E Bloom, Mr C. Marca, Mr J. Cornelius. Prof I. Hira, Mr Smiles. Mr Lucas. Mr Powys. Miss C. Brunner, Mr D. Koutrouboussis, Mr Shades. Mrs F. Cornelius. Mr J. Tanglebones. Rev. Marek. Duke D. von Koln, Mr K. Glogauer, Cpt. Arflane Mrs U. Rorsefne. Prof. Faustaff, Mr U. Skarsol, Bishop D. and Miss M. Beesley, Dr K. von Krupp, Captain C. Brunner, Mr F.G. Gavin, Prince C.J. Irsei. Mr E.P. Bradbury. Mr J. Cornell. Mr O. Bastable. Miss U. Persson. Cpt. J. Korzeniowsky. Mr V.I. Ulyanov, Gen O.T. Shaw, Major and Mrs G. Nye. Captain and Mrs G. Nye. Miss E. Nye. Miss H. Nye. Master P. Nye. Col. M.A. Pyat. Mr S.M. Collier. Mr M Lescoq. Mr M. Hope-Dempsey. Mr C. Ryan. Prinz Lobkowitz. Mr S. Koutrouboussis. Mr C. Koutrouboutssis. Mr A. Koutrouboussis. Mr R. Boyle, Mnr P. Olmeijer. Miss H. Segal. Prof. M. O'Bean. Mr R. De Fete. Mr C. Tome. Captain B. Maxwell. The Hon. Miss H. Sweet. Mr S. Vaizey. Miuss E. Knecht. Lady Sunday. Mrs A. Underwood. Mr J. Carnelian. Lady Charlotina Lake. Lord and Lady Canaria. Miss Q. Gloriana. Miss M. Ming. Mrs D. Armatuce. Gen. C. Hood. Lady Lyst. Mr E. Wheldrake, Lord Rhoone. Lord Wynchett. Baroness Walewska. Sir T. Fynes. Dr J. Dee. Captain Quire, and a great number of other experienced people.

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